I'm not revealing any tricks of the trade; it's just there ain't no magic in the breakdown, baby.

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thoughts on dash right meow:

  • Dean and Sam and Castiel are not into each other
  • Neither are Winters and Nixon
  • Or Liebgott and Webster
  • Or Sledge and Snafu
  • Or Thor and Loki
  • Or the Captain and Tony
  • What the hell is one direction
  • How many pictures of Starbucks cups, Toms, and cutoffs exist at this point in time
  • I do “have a heart”, as do most sentient beings, but saying that shit causes an impulsive scroll right on by whatever the fuck it is
  • Is glee still a thing
  • Or skins
  • Typewriters/ all caps does not equal wisdom or profoundness 
  • Good tattoos aren’t cheap
  • What the hell is this screaming shit when I press play
  • Or this shit that sounds like a robot got trapped in a blender
  • More Breaking Bad, less bullshit please

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